Wines and Spirits- Can You Mix Them Together?

If you ask a wine and spirits retailer, he or she will tell you that there is a growing trend for people to add spirits to their wine. The reason for this is because spirits enhance the aroma of the wine. The same goes for beer.

Wine and spirits can be mixed to make a lovely liqueur or a mixed drink called a ‘shake’. Shake is also a great cocktail option to enjoy with your family, friends or when you’re just lounging around the house. It’s often served as a neat with sparkling wine. Whiskey is used in some shakers to add a little kick.

Wine and spirits together are also common accompaniments to other drinks like a martini. Add a splash of spirit to a chilled Martini and you have an all time classic drink.

In fact, if you really want to add some spice to your home bar, try a martini and garnish it with a dash of gin. Gin is a really delicious spirit. When you taste the gin, your palate tastes the searing burn and the tingle of the alcohol. It is a mouthful, but your palette will appreciate the richness.

Wine and spirits go very well together in your home bar. It is a great way to make a party or an evening a little more exciting. Plus, wine and spirits go very well with fine wines.

If you make your own wine, then a few choices of spirits to mix with your wine include rye whiskey, rum, gin and vodka. It all depends on what kind of flavor you are looking for. For example, if you like herbal notes, then try whiskey, anise, thyme and rosemary. Whatever the flavors you are looking for, there is a variety of spirit to mix with your wine.

Just remember that not every type of wine will go well with all spirits. Some of the popular types of spirits that go well with white wines include brandy, rum, whiskey, gin and cognac. With red wines, you’ll find they go well with tequila, brandy, scotch, vodka and brandy. If you are having a red wine as a guest, your best bet is tequila, brandy, gin and cognac.

The next most popular type of spirits that go well with both white and red wines are Cognac and brandy. One can mix and match these two types of spirits to create a unique look and an exciting way to enjoy a dinner party. Many enjoy mixing up Cognac and brandy with different whites, reds, and sours.

Many people consider whiskey to be a hard liquor, while brandy is considered a softer drink. They also say that for mixed drinks, like wine and gin, brandy is the best choice.

Mixing wine and spirits does not have to be difficult. It is a matter of taste and what you prefer. To add a little more fun to your guests, add one of the flavors of the corresponding spirit. Whether you have vodka and gin or whiskey and gin, it’s a fun way to offer something different to your guests.

Using spirits in conjunction with wine is a great way to mix things up and spice up your wine bar. Start experimenting today and see how you can use the two together in your own bar.

Some people combine the two to make the perfect wine and spirits pairing. There are other combinations, such as a peaty bourbon and grape with a crisp white wine. The possibilities are endless.