Visit the Best of Houston Food

Visit the Best of Houston Food

The Houston food scene is an eclectic amalgamation of both traditional and unique. We start with some of the best tasting meals you can find in Texas as we move along to a famous breakfast for breakfast of the day, and to fine dining in Houston. It is Houston’s love affair with food that brings the eclectic flavor to its cuisine.

What makes Houston stand out? Well, it really comes down to what defines Houston food.

You will find all kinds of cuisine here, from authentic Mexican, Tex-Mex to Chinese and to all sorts of international foods from Asia, South America and Europe. Local food is always the main component of Houston food, and is a great way to see the city on your own terms. There are plenty of great selections of local and international food at some of the best restaurants in Houston.

A great local favorite is BBQ: a great and versatile meal, that is made and cooked in a number of ways, some very different from others. With the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Houston, the BBQ in this city is always there to compliment any kind of meal.

With the abundance of Asian food in Houston, from the favorite Szechwan chicken dishes, to Pad Thai, and of course the more traditional Japanese food such as udon, samgyeopsal and more, there is just no other cuisine in the world that can compare to the variety of styles and flavors in Asian food. You can have the most amazing meats, the most exotic flavors and the most extravagant appetizers.

As you travel across Houston, you will find several interesting ethnic foods and a few unique ones, and each one has its own distinctive flavor and presentation. Make your visit a trip of discovery with each delicious mouthful. Don’t miss Houston’s infamous “hot and sour soup” with the stir-fried noodles, or the delicious Chinese food that you can find at ChaCha’s.

A visit to the Vietnamese Quang Mi restaurant on Albans Avenue in Alamo has the spicy and sour red chili and tasty noodles that you want. With enough flavors to satisfy the senses, you won’t be disappointed with your taste of Vietnamese food.

Near Chinatown in Houston, there is Cantonese Cuisine by a former chef from Texas A&M.

This fusion of American and Chinese recipes is a favorite among the locals.

If you have ever seen the famous scene in the movie “Entourage,” you will get a taste of the whole Houston food adventure. You can visit the Asia Buffet in the basement of the B. Dalton Hotel on Kirby for great Thai, Szechwan and some wonderful Chinese food. The great thing about eating in this restaurant is that it is always changing, so you never know what will be available on your next visit.

The Chinese Restaurant on South Shepherd by the George R. Brown Convention Center is another Houston favorite. Since their first opening in Houston in 1988, this restaurant has maintained its original authenticity and even has an amazing Asian chicken noodle soup. If you like Chinese food but don’t know how to eat it, then this is the place for you.

  • And of course, no trip to Houston is complete without visiting the Thai Restaurant in Montrose on Kirby.
  • Known for its delectable Thai dishes and lively ambiance, you will never have to leave with bad memories of your Houston food experience.
  • You might even find yourself wanting to eat at the restaurant again.

By choosing a top performing and popular Houston restaurants, you will make the best of your visit to this beautiful city. Remember to try some of the local and international food, which is what Houston is known for, and it will enhance your Houston food trip!

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