Types of Whiskey Cocktails

Types of Whiskey Cocktails

A Whiskey Cocktail for Every Taste

Nowadays, there are a lot of styles that exist to enjoy while drinking whiskey cocktails. However, there are some vital types of whiskey cocktails that are most important when it comes to choosing the drink that will make you feel cool and relaxed.

  • The first kind of whiskey cocktail is the Old Fashioned. This is the most popular type of whiskey cocktail because of its simplicity. The Old Fashioned usually consists of whiskey, egg white, brandy and lemon. The egg white and the brandy are used to create a richer taste. All the ingredients will work well to make this a fun drink for everyone to enjoy.
  • There are also several different kinds of these whiskeys in use today. Many brands of whiskey have introduced some experimental brand of this whiskey drinks. These cocktails are known as experimental whiskeys.
  • The new age type of whiskey cocktails includes the Tom Collins. It is a similar to the old fashioned but without the egg whites and the lemon. The drink is rich in alcohol content. The rim of the glass will be slightly raised so that the drink can be more easily seen.
  • Another modern day type of whiskey cocktail is the Cosmopolitan. This is an addition to the classic muddled drink. Instead of a slice of lemon, a slice of lemon with a squeeze of fresh lime and ice cubes is used to create this drink. This drink is made even more appealing with the addition of lemon juice and a dash of grenadine.
  • After the Twenties, the Whiskey Sour came into existence. The current version of this drink is available as a Manhattan and a Sour Mash. These are both a little bit different from the original version because they do not contain egg whites.
  • Lastly, the last type of whiskey cocktail that you can enjoy is the White Russian. This is a rye whiskey cocktail with the addition of corn whiskey, cherry brandy and a dash of bitters. The drink can be made even more interesting by adding other ingredients such as vanilla syrup and a dash of cinnamon.

A Short History of Whiskey Cocktails

The Whiskey Cocktail was invented in the year 1830 by James Farley while he was a bartender at a popular New York City restaurant. At that time the whiskey was not commonly drunk in America but was considered a strength of spirit and was highly concentrated, stronger than beer.

These days most American whiskey is distilled, in oak barrels, and then aged. There are many styles of Whiskey, including Whiskey Sour, Rye, Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, Bourbon County Brandy, Moonshine, Wild Turkey Rye, O.K. Whiskey, Appleton Whiskey, Distilled, Cognac, and so on.

Old Fashioned whiskey is a very popular drink. This whiskey cocktail is slightly sweet and tangy. The very small amounts of sugar helps to cut the alcohol content of this cocktail. This cocktail is made with whatever spirits one prefers such as bourbon, rye, whiskey, and so on.

The traditional whiskey cocktail was originally designed to be a social drink and not meant for mixing or serving in parties or social gatherings. It has become a very popular drink and has gained more popular since it was first created and it is now a very famous drink.

Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail is made with whiskey, lemon, and soda or lemonade. Then ice is added and shaken. The drink is poured into a glass or chilled, garnished with a piece of orange, and served. In the olden days this was a very important event in the American life.

Some of the most famous bartenders in the country have developed their own Old Fashioned recipes. These bartenders include Steve Gorman and Gordon Stuckless. Others including Pat Olivieri and Adam Carr have their own version of this cocktail.

Whiskey Sour is made with three parts vodka, one part Grand Marnier, and one part Sprite. These ingredients are stirred with ice and a couple of dashes of Angostura bitters. Three ice cubes are then placed on top of the drink and served in a tumbler filled with the ice cubes. Two ice cubes are added before pouring.

These bitters are made from molasses, making them very strong. Some recipes use plain sugar, but these recipes are not for mixing. Old Fashioned cocktail is served in either white or red wine. The drink can also be served in bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, or in a mixture of other spirits.

If Old Fashioned is made with whiskey and the addition of soda or lemon juice, it is called a Martini. This cocktail includes gin, brandy, vermouth, and soda or lemonade. For the cocktail to be considered a Martini it must have a twist of cucumber and an egg yolk. After the cocktail is served, one can place a slice of cucumber on top of the drink.

The Classic Martini is made with a gin, dry vermouth, and soda. The ingredients are stirred with ice and garnished with an orange slice. The name refers to the fact that this drink should have a twist of citrus fruit after it is served. The cocktail is always served in a Martini glass, which has a teaspoon of grenadine added to the rim.

There are many famous whiskeys out there, each with its own unique taste. Whiskey Sour is one of the most popular cocktail recipes of all time. It has proven to be a drink to be enjoyed on any occasion and it’s hard to imagine a time when this cocktail was not around.

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