Top Houston Entertainment – Sports, Shows and Nightlife

Top Houston Entertainment – Sports, Shows and Nightlife

When it comes to the top Houston entertainment, you are sure to find just about anything that you are looking for. It is the home of the Houston Rockets, a sports team that is easily known around the world. With so many things to do there, people from all over the country and the world flock to this place in search of thrills and excitement.

These attractions and activities are sure to keep people coming back for more time again.

One of the best Houston entertainment to get involved with is the Astrodome. The dome was an iconic part of Houston’s entertainment scene.

Built over fifty years ago, the Astrodome was an outstanding structure. The dome was wide open and allowed people to see the entire field. Spectators could also stand directly under the dome to watch the game. It also was not terribly crowded when the Texans played their home games there.

Stargazing has become a very popular pastime, and the Astrodome offered a great place to view the stars. To enjoy your Stargazing experience you needed to have a clear view of the dome and a clear sky. You also had to be prepared to set aside about twenty minutes each day in order to view the celestial bodies through a telescope.

If you are a member of a local astronomy club, or a group that studies the stars, there is no better way to get yourself acquainted with the various constellations than to go out and see them up close and personal. In addition to the stars, the Astrodome provided patrons of the game with a place to shop. That was one of the few Houston entertainment venues that was not located on the field, and the crowd that came to that location was a prime example of the sports fan in town.

The entertainment center on the Astrodome held a bar, as well as a wide variety of restaurants. It was an easy place to sit down and enjoy a meal after a long day of sporting events. Some of the Houston entertainment features that you might want to check out include:

The Great Houston Star Party is a month long event in the fall in which people light up the sky with their candles, and enjoy the light show on a starry night. If you enjoy the light shows and the beautiful night sky then you should join the party and check it out.

The planetarium show at the museum is another Houston entertainment attraction that you might want to check out.

The planetarium is a great place to get out of the city and relax and enjoy a good show. It is even possible to take a tour of the planetarium that will give you a behind the scenes look at the exhibition and show.

Sports has always been a hot topic in Houston. Not only are there teams that play on the field, but there are also teams that host parties and other events. Every year, people gather at the Astrodome to watch the Houston Texans and the Houston Oilers play.

Jordan Steinback and the UT Horns hold a party there once a year where hundreds of people from all over the city gather. Sports lovers can enjoy watching the game at the Astrodome, while enjoying the Texas cuisine.

  • Houstonians love to party and they party hard.
  • The city has many clubs and bars for people to mingle with their friends and others.
  • Whether you would like to go to the place and mingle or watch the football game, there are plenty of places to party in Houston.

There are so many entertainment features in the city, that people can find something that they want to do no matter what they are looking for. There are many Houston entertainment venues that are within walking distance from many of the hotels in the city, so if you want to enjoy a night out before you head off to work, the place is just about everywhere you can think of.